PPTT rules - Breaking these rules can and will get you banned!

1. Plastic Passion Torrent Tracker download rules:

No hit and run mentality is allowed here or you will find yourself banned.
Keep your torrents connected until you have shared back as much as you have downloaded.
Even though there is no share ratio, please observe our Fair Use Policy and keep your share ratio within acceptable limits.
Be honest - do not cheat and give back what you get.

Happy sharing!

2. Plastic Passion Torrent Tracker upload rules:

Check if your upload is not already on the tracker.
Absolutely no lossy music is allowed - so no mp3, mp4, wma, aac, ogg etc.
Make sure that you seed long enough so that at least 1 user can seed after you.
Do not upload iso or other image files.
Your DVD uploads have to be in a directory containing the VIDEO_TS folder.

3. Plastic Passion Torrent Tracker Audio & Video rules:

No lossy bla bla etc etc Lets write something here.
As you can see, this is a difficult part.. But for now we decided to allow Youtube dvd's. But only if the audio is acceptable..

4. Plastic Passion Torrent Tracker ratio rules:

There is no share ratio on this tracker.
HOWEVER!! Our tracker is based on a Fair Use Policy.
So with a 10 Gb (or more) difference Download/Upload below 0.10 we have to ban your account without any questions.

So, be honest - do not cheat and give back what you get.