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Plastic Passion Torrent Tracker (also known as PPTT) is devoted to live recordings of our favourite band The Cure.

Guidelines for Plastic Passion Torrent Tracker:

Plastic Passion Torrent Tracker is open to all The Cure Fans.
Its goal is to share non-commercial live audio and video Cure material.
PPTT want to share quality.
PPTT is the place for trading lossless audio and video files.

Happy sharing!

Last News
Posted by: PPTT
Date posted: 25/11/2018 07:17

Title: PPTT comes to an end

Sundaymorning 25 Nov. 2018

After all those years, we've noticed that PPTT is "dead".

So we have come to the point to close it in 2019.
I've stopped my payment, and the tracker will be gone in May 2019

Thank you for a great time!!
Posted by: PPTT
Date posted: 04/04/2016 16:54

Title: Non working email accounts

Monday 04 Apr 2016:
Non working email accounts are going to be on VALIDATE.

If your email account is involved or you think there has been a mistake, please feel free to contact me.
Posted by: HighGone
Date posted: 29/05/2013 19:42

Title: New and last server.

All is copied, it seems the tracker is running.
Let's find out shall we?